Making Cities Smarter

Now Wireless has been providing city networking infrastructure and smart city development since 2002, we have deployed equipment in over 42 towns and cities across the United Kingdom, with over 24,000 connected devices.


Now Wireless is the developer and manufactuer of the Mesh 4G brand of city wireless communications.

For more information on Mesh 4G please visit the offical mesh 4g website.


Smart City Communications

Mesh 4G provides high bandwidth communications to on-street devices using the 5Ghz spectrum.


Pollution Monitoring

State-of-the-art Mesh 4G enabled pollution monitors, developed by our sister company Xan Labs.


Vehicle/Pedestrian Tracking

Extremely precise Bluetooth and WiFi based vehicle and pedestrian trackers for journey and route analysis.


Internet of Things

Long range networking and sensor deployments for the newest trend in smart city development.


Networked CCTV

Mesh 4G and 3G/4G enabled CCTV cameras and infrastructure for connecting and mounting.



Carrier grade SMS and MMS Delivery platform, with SMSC and MMSC functionality.

The Now Group

The Now Group Consists of multiple specialised sister companies, focusing on specific aspects of smart city development.